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Short history of the Steve M. Slaby Award
The Steve Slaby Award was founded by Prof. Harold Santo (Portugal) in 1991, when he was the president of "Graphics Science Promotion and Publications" GRASP and organized the international conference COMPUGRAPHICS '91. He dedicated the Award "... to an individual for his/her accomplishment, life achievement, and very outstanding, leading and influential stature in the Graphics Education field, especially at the international level... ", and he stated that "... this Award is therefore also a timely opportunity to acknowledge and reward the contribution (of the distinguished person) during his/her lifetime... ". This program alone would demand that the Award is named after Steve M. Slaby, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University (1922-2008), an outstanding scholar in graphics science and a driving force in the spread and betterment of education and research in the field, and who by this best epitomizes such a prize. It was planned to present the Award biennially in connection with international conferences on geometry and graphics, and the first and second winner of this Award were Prof. Gary Bertoline (1995) and Prof. Andries van Dam (1997), both from the USA. In one of his last letters he asks the International Society for Geometry and Graphics ISGG to carry on the short tradition of presenting the Award. Fulfilling Harold Santo's last will the board members of the ISGG decided to present Steve Slaby Award again and since 2004 has been using the settings of the ICGG for presenting the Awards.

To nominate an individual for the 2016 Slaby Award, please provide the following information:

  3. Success as a teacher as evidenced by competence in a subject and ability to inspire students to high achievement.
  4. Improvement of the tools of, and contributions for, teaching, as evidenced by the development of subject matter (textbooks, etc.), courses and curricula, diagrams or models, laboratory or teaching equipment, and other activities.
  5. Improvement of teaching through activities, such as creation of professional development or effective teaching institutes, testing or guidance programs, promotion of inter-institutional or industry/education cooperative programs, or the coordination and development of fields of subject matter.
  6. Scholarly contributions to literature, significant honors, awards, etc.

Nominees do not have to be a member of ISGG.

The Steve M. Slaby awardee is elected by three past chairs of ISGG, the election is conducted by its current chair. The board of ISGG agreed to exclude current board members from nomination to the Steve M. Slaby award.

Email your nominations to by May 31, 2016.

Past Awardees
2014 - Manfred Husty, University of Innsbruck, Austria
2012 - Emiko Tsutsumi, Otsuma Women's University, Tokyo, Japan
2010 - Paul Zsombor-Murray, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
2008 - Gunter Weiss, TU Dresden, Germany
2006 - Professor Kenjiro Suzuki - NIAD-UE, Japan
2004 - Professor Hellmuth Stachel - University of Technology Vienna, Austria
1997 - Professor Andries van Dam - Brown University, USA
1995 - Professor Gary Bertoline - Purdue University, USA

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