ISGG Bylaws

Article I
Name and Objectives

Section 1.1

The name of the organization is the International Society for Geometry and Graphics, abbreviated to ISGG, and hereinafter referred to as the Society. The Society is an international non-profit organization. It is established simultaneously under the European Economic Community and the United States of America regulations with its registered Administrative Office where the president resides.

Section 1.2

The objective of the Society is to foster international collaboration and stimulate scientific research and teaching methodology in the fields of geometry and graphics. To pursue its objectives the Society shall seek to:

  1. foster geometry and graphics technology transfer;
  2. enhance the quality of graphics and geometry education of designers, engineers, and geometricians, through international co-operation;
  3. co-operate with international agencies and corporation;
  4. sponsor international conferences, seminars and symposiums in graphics and geometry;
  5. establish sponsored research and funding mechanisms;
  6. seek membership from graphics and geometry organizations and individuals.

Section 1.3

The Society shall promote the publication of international journals, books, software, manuals and conference proceedings in geometry and graphics.

Section 1.4

The official language of the Society is English.

Article II

Section 2.1

The Society is an organization of individual and institutional members. However, only individual members are eligible to vote.

Section 2.2

Application for membership shall be submitted to the Administrative Office for approval. Membership is effective from the date the application is approved by the Society.

Section 2.3

The members shall:

  1. participate in the election of officers;
  2. participate in assigned committee work;
  3. contribute with written articles and/or conference presentations;
  4. contribute to the dissemination of graphics and geometry literature;
  5. participate in developing and organizing the International Conferences;
  6. encourage scholar exchange.

Article III
Administrative Organization

Section 3.1

The administrative organization of the Society consists of the Board of Regents and the Administrative Office. The Board of Regents, hereinafter referred as the Board, is responsible for establishing the Society’s policy; the Administrative Office is responsible for the implementation of policy based on the Board’s directives.

Article IV
Membership Meeting

Section 4.1

Meetings of the membership and their constituencies shall be held at least once every four years at the International Conference.

Section 4.2

The business membership meeting shall be convened by the President. Calls for the meeting specifying the agenda shall be communicated to the members at least three (3) months in advance. Advance notice specifying the date and location of the meeting is to be given no later than one (1) year before the meeting.

Article V
Board of Regents

Section 5.1

The Board shall define the general policy of the Society, provide the overall guidance, and assign resources for the effective operation of the organization’s offices. The Board consist of the following voting members:

  1. one (1) president;
  2. three (3) vice-presidents, repre​senting: North/South America, Asia/Australia, and Europe/Africa – elected;
  3. nine (9) directors from different regions to be appointed/nominated;
  4. one (1) secretary/treasurer – elected;
  5. chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee for the next conference.

Section 5.2

The Board shall:

  1. determine the membership fee for the individual and institutional members;
  2. develop and set the budgetary guidelines;
  3. appoint one (1) auditor who shall not be member of the Board;
  4. decide on fiscal and personnel issues;
  5. approve the site for the International Conferences on Geometry and Graphics.

Section 5.3

The term of office of the Board is four years. In case of vacancies, the President will designate a substitute for the remaining term of office. The president, the three (3) vice presidents, and the secretary/treasurer will be elected. The nine (9) directors will be appointed, three by each vice president.

Article VI
Finance and Administration

Section 6.1

To achieve its objectives the Society shall raise funds through individuals and institutional membership dues. This amount is to be determined by the Board at the International Conference business meeting.

Section 6.2

Additional revenues shall be derived from grants and contributions, gifts and donations.

Section 6.3

The fiscal term of the Association is annual.

Section 6.4

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Society and shall present the audited accounts to the Board for approval.
The accounts and other documents to be approved by the Board, shall be submitted to the auditors no later than three months before the business meeting.

Section 6.5

No administrative compensation shall be paid without the authorization of the Board.

Article VII
Amendments and Interpretation

Section 7.1

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board members present and voting and ratified by the membership.

Section 7.2

Proposals for amendments to these bylaws may be submitted for consideration by any member of the Society. Such proposals shall be submitted to the President in written form no later than six (6) months before the Board meeting at which they are to be discusses.

Section 7.3

On the dissolution of the Society the remaining assets shall be used to further the objectives of the Graphics/Geometry community as specified by the Board.

Section 7.4

Any disagreement of interpretation of these bylaws shall be resolved by the Board.