About ISGG

The International Society for Geometry and Graphics (ISGG) is a worldwide association composed of members from a diversity of academic backgrounds. We are concerned about sustainability of geometry, engineering graphics and pertinent theoretical research as these relate to education, commercial application, architecture, art and design.

Applications may pertain to industry and commerce but also to education and creation, enhancement and exhibition of pure art form.

To illustrate the range advantageous interdisciplinary interactions
that have occurred and to imagine the boundless opportunity that exists
in this regard consider the following two examples on our two-way street.

  1.  Application of spatial curves studied in a university environment
    allows a large auto manufacturer to design optimum opening mechanisms and
    tracks for side windows and to learn of the theoretical limits to the
    designer’s freedom to choose curvature.
  2.  An artist employed by an environmental water testing firm uses
    Schlieren photography to reveal beautiful floral patterns which,
    counterintuitively, appear when drops of a certain viscous reagent is
    applied to a water sample of high purity.

The spectrum ranges from fundamental research to geometric real-world applications in science and technology and it includes many aspects of education in geometry and engineering graphics as well as industrial design.

We provide a forum for all involved in geometry and graphics to discuss and present results in research, application and education of geometry and graphics. We collect and distribute information on conferences and other activities organized by members and friends of our international society. Please support us by sending us information and links via our contact form.

If all this interests you enough to contribute and participate, join now!